OLIS S.R.O is the newest member of OLIS Holding group

OLIS S.R.O -business activities covers Trading, consultancy Services and Training Provider.

Trading Activities

OLIS S.R.O intends to import goods and finished products from suppliers with whom

it has already established business relations and their cooperation is long-lasting.

These goods

and products will be stored in a leased warehouse, whose location will be on the outskirts of

Bratislava or its close proximity.

These finished products and goods will be further imported to final consumers, such as retail and wholesale networks.

Slovakia and the neighboring countries of the European Union are constantly advancing

economically and the potential for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer

Goods) continues to increase with increasing consumption of the population as well as by

increasing the number of retail and wholesale businesses offering these goods to the final

consumer .

Consulting and Training Activities

In addition to trading, OLIS S.R.O intends to carry out advisory activities focused on business, economics, marketing, planning, strategy development, managerial skills and skills.

With regard to providing consultations and training in management and business, clients

are segmented into two groups, once smaller companies and corporate companies are set up

to provide training and training of general character to OLIS, focusing on the appropriate

department of the company and their primary needs. The second group is a corporation where

the company intends to provide consultations and training to senior departmental staff both

from a general and internal point of view – after examining and adapting knowledge and

experience to existing corporate culture and internal corporate governance.

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